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Project Management

B&D is dedicated to serving the needs of your business. Whether getting projects started on the right track or getting them back on track, our key project managers bring a combined 50 plus years of hands-on experience to meet the demands of industry.

Our goal is to make sure we work effectively and seamlessly as a member of your team.

Here's how we work!

We assess your needs. This involves defining the precise scope and nature of your project.

We identify key players. We concentrate on reviewing your existing internal and external resources which may impact your project. We recommend the use of internal resources whenever possible.cThis not only helps to reduce costs, but it also helps you retain valuable in-house knowledge of the project after it is complete.

A project manager who is adept at gathering the critical information and then synthesizing it into a logical plan is crucial to the success of each phase of the project.

When initiating a project plan, our project managers consider:

The Brief -
Scope Management
Budget Containment
Deliverables (define and manage)
Technical constraints
Available resources
Compliance requirements - cGMP, GAMP, S-88
Time constraints/Schedule
Other relevant information

The Organization -
Skill Sets
Resources available

The Plan -
Project milestones
Review dates

B&D is a full service provider. We offer the broadest range of premier engineering and technical services today, serving in both domestic and international markets. We accomplish this by employing some of the finest available project management talent, and by embracing a central theme in our approach to business: "The synergy of a well-focused team can derive solutions to most, if not all, of the challenges facing the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries today."

Give us a call. We can help.

Global Management for Local Projects